Captain Morgan Rum

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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.75L

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Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.75L


Sugar cane was used to make alcoholic drinks in Egyptian times but it was not until the 16th century that farmers and workers on Caribbean sugar cane plantations took up this ancient tradition.

Caribbean rum took molasses and distilled it into a harsh, strong spirit. So to soften the blow, distillers would add their own unique recipes of herbs, spices and fruits. And boom, spiced rum was born.


You may know the man on that bottle by name, but that’s just a cartoon. To know the actual legend of Captain Henry Morgan is to understand the unrelenting adventurous spirit he embodied.

He was, simply, the most renowned pirate to ever sail the seas. A distinction that earned him not just a lifetime of loyal crew by his side, but also the title of Sir Henry Morgan and Governor of Jamaica.